About us


At Kelstore, our mission is simple: Provide the highest quality products to local Irish buyers. Buy home essentials products online free of import taxes and nonsensically expensive shipping fees.


If we can help you get your hands on the world’s best quality, in-demand products fast and at a fair price—free of UK import taxation and shipping fees, then we’ve succeeded.


All About the Local

Locally owned and locally operated, Kelstore was founded in an effort of attaining a better tomorrow for the general market and small businesses in Ireland, by showing just what a difference stepping up for the betterment of the domestic market can make, if done consistently and wholeheartedly.


That’s why Kelstore is more than a local store; It’s a token of faith in everything local, and a promise of autochthonous fairness, unaffected by the expensive and oppressive fluctuations imposed by the global market.


Why Kelstore?

When you shop home essentials product online, buy kitchen essentials online, or buy pet products online, you support a local business while saving tons of taxes & fees money, which is, again, better spent on higher quality, more affordable domestic products.


Because we are based in Ireland and operate exclusively domestically, we are able to present you with the highest quality premium goods at the best price, coupled with the fastest delivery time and forever free expedited shipping.


With new products hand-picked and brought to you by our team of passionate in-house curators every day, we consistently build the finest selection of unique goods that you can purchase domestically, with trust and confidence.


Our Promise

No matter how you got here, or whether you were searching for something for yourself, your household, or your loved ones, or want to buy pet products online, by shopping at Irish Supply you are showing your support to local business and helping preserve a healthy domestic market.

To honor that, we promise we’ll always stay true to ourselves, our customers and our products. The Kelstore Promise is one of unprecedented customer satisfaction, and a decisiveness to provide Irish buyers with genuinely stress-free means of shopping, unobstructed by the unacceptable fees as seen on the international market.



Ready to shop the Kelstore?

Join us today to experience the benefits of domestic shopping: Affordable prices, free expedited shipping and a dedicated customer service, quick to address any and all of your queries.

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